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Geotechnics offers a full complement of geotechnical engineering services ranging from broad site assessments to detailed design. Our projects often extend from early conceptual design through final monitoring of construction. Services include:

  • Site soil investigations.
  • Retaining wall analysis and design.
  • Foundation design - deep and shallow foundations.
  • Building distress investigations.
  • Soil infiltration testing and stormwater management.
  • Earthquake engineering and seismic hazard studies.
  • Slope stability, landslide evaluation, and repair design.
  • Groundwater seepage studies.
  • Design of ground improvement systems.
  • Pavement evaluation and design.
  • Instrumentation and monitoring of structure and/or slope movement.
  • Property pre-purchase evaluations.
  • Project feasibility studies.
  • Peer review and expert testimony.
  • Construction monitoring.
  • Laboratory testing.

Project Types

Our goal at Geotechnics is to facilitate the construction and reconstruction of our built environment with a focus on quality and sustainability. Our services are utilized in the following types of construction:

  • Buildings - single and multi-story.
  • Retaining walls - soil nail, tieback, reinforced earth, gravity.
  • Bridges.
  • Pavements - flexible, rigid, permeable.
  • Tunnels and microtunnels.
  • In-water structures such as dams, weirs, and fish ladders.
  • Levees, embankments and cut slopes.
  • Stream bank enhancements.
  • Waterfront structures such as piers, wharves, and docks.
  • Water and wastewater systems, water tanks, pump stations, and pipelines.